Fitness Club

Nurturing Hearts Birth Services (NHBS) Fitness Club has a mission to redefine “healthy” – to move beyond surviving pregnancy/postpartum, to helping women have the best outcomes in all levels of health: mind, body, and spirit. We want to provide women a safe space to blossom as mothers physically and emotionally.

There are so many things that we can do to increase the joy of pregnancy/postpartum, and the NHBS Fitness Club is dedicated to reducing the struggles that we all know too well. Most of our indoor classes offer childcare in a safe space where you can see your child while still being able to focus on you.

  • Fitness classes and an outdoor Stroller Club to get your body moving and nurture adult connections
  • Yoga and Meditation for mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Individual time (by appointment) in the Break Room for more immersive one-on-one time

40 W. Brown Road, Mesa, AZ